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Jay P. Kesan has published extensively both as an engineer and scientist and as a legal scholar. His works have been cited extensively – Click here. He also holds 18 U.S. patents on various aspects of electrical, wireless, RFID and software technologies. Jay Kesan has served as a technical expert in numerous patent lawsuits in the communication and computer areas, especially wireless communication, RF, e-commerce, software applications, integrated circuits, microelectronics and semiconductors. Jay Kesan has also been actively involved in virtually every aspect of patent litigation as counsel, technical expert, legal expert, Special Master, mediator, and appellate counsel. He served as one of the inaugural Thomas A. Edison Distinguished Scholars at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

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10-Mar-2015: In a 3-2 vote, the Federal Communications Commission--the FCC—recently voted to approve a new set of rules for net neutrality. The most significant rule gives the FCC the ability to regulate broadband Internet service providers by reclassifying broadband Internet under Title II of the Federal Communications Act.

20-Jan-2015: Snapchat, a popular photo messaging app that has previously claimed that photos sent through their app are only stored temporarily, has run into some legal trouble. Snapchat has reached a settlement with the FTC over allegations that messages sent over their app are not actually temporary.